Other Hammered Coins 

Aethelred II (978-1016), Leofstan, London

Voided Long Cross silver penny. Æthelred the Unready, was king of the English (978–1013 and 1014–1016). Leofstan moneyer, London mint,
Spink 1151

Weight: 1.70 gm.  Diameter: 21mm

IÆthelred the Unready, or Æthelred (c. 968 – 23 April 1016), was king of the English (978–1013 and 1014–1016). The son of King Edgar and Queen Ælfthryth, Æthelred was only about 10 (no more than 13) when his half-brother Edward was murdered.


Ref # 1181-1030

Cnut - Type II, Pointed Helmet type, 1024-30

Helmet type, Aelfward on London.
Spink S.1158
Weight: 0.91 gm.  Diameter: 18mm

In 1013, King Swein of Denmark (with son Cnut) sailed up the Humber & Trent to be accepted as king in the Danelaw. By Xmas, all England submitted to Swein; Ethelred fled to Normandy. In 1014, Cnut became the Danish leader on his father's death. Ethelred returned but was so ill that his son Edmund Ironside took responsibility for defence of the country against Cnut. At a truce after Ethelred's death, Edmund and Cnut agreed to divide the kingdom between them, but Edmund died shortly after, and Cnut became king of the whole country.


Ref # 356-1007

Edward IV Light Coinage Groat, London

Obv: IM Crown (74) Trefoils on cusps of tressure. Quatrefoils by neck.


Spink 2000.

Weight:2.97 gm


Ref # 772-1015

Henry VII Sovereign Penny, Durham, c.1505

Durham mint under Bishop Fox. S2233. Obv: seated king, hENR[ICVS R]EX AN. Rev: arms, bishop's miter above, D_R beside, CIVITAS D[…].

Sovereign pennies were introduced near the end of Henry's reign, from 3 mints - London, York & Durham.

Weight: 0.52 gm.  15mm.


Ref # 726-1012

Edward III - 1/2d - 2nd Coinage (1335-43)

London mint. Found with a metal detector. Edward III was the first monarch to issue generous quantities of halfpennies & farthings. Obv: EDWARDVS REX [ANGL]
Rev: 8 pointed star after DON on reverse.
Spink 1540A.

Weight: 0.59 gm.  16mm.


Ref # 124-1002

Henry III Short-Cross Penny 

Canterbury mint, class 7, moneyer Ioan.

Weight: 1.15 gm.


Ref # 96-1001

Charles I, Shilling, mm Sun, c. 1645

​ Charles I Tower Mint under Parliament, S.2800,  the Sun mintmark is well displayed on both sides of the coin.

Weight: 5.76 gm.


Ref # 2263-5072

James I, Shilling, first issue, 1603

First coinage, Second bust, Mintmark Thistle.
Obverse: IACOBUS D G ANG SCO FRA ET HIB REX . Crowned bust r. with value mark XII behind.
31.7 mm, 5.75 gm.


Ref # 2236-5032

Edward IV Groat, London, Light Coinage, 1464-70

Obv: Initial mark sun, quatrefoils by neck. Trefoils on cusps of tressure.

Rev: IM: sun. Inner legend: CIVI/TAS/LON/DON - London mint.


Ref # 1577-1181

Henry VI, 1st Reign, Groat, Calais
ex Reigate Hoard

Annulet issue 1422-1427. Obv: Crowned facing bust in tressure of arches; HENRIC' DI' GRA' REX ANGLIE Z FRANC


Near Fine, toned, ex 1990 Reigate Hoard (closed after 1455 likely during the War of the Roses),
Ex: Glendining & Co, 8 December 1992
Ex: VAuctions 237, lot 228


Ref # 1829-1319

Henry V Penny, York, c.1420

Obverse legend possibly reads HENRIC DI GRA REX ANGL. - Mullet to LH side of crown.

Reverse legend: CIVITAS EBORACI. York mint.

Worn dies on obverse, strong strike to most of reverse.

Spink 1788.


Ref # 1507-1146

Edward III, Half Groat, London

Obv: Legend with french title. Mullets on shoulders and either side of crown. IM: cross 4

Weight: 2.20 gm


Ref # 1508-1147

Henry V halfpenny, c. 1420

Initial mark pierced cross, annulet and trefoil by crown.

Weight: 0.44 gm

Ref: Spink 1795



Ref # 1661-1217

Charles I (1625-1649), Tower mint, Halfcrown, c. 1639

Gp III, mm. triangle, cloak flies from shoulder.

DNW auction 13/03/18 pt lot 71, ex Dr John Hulett, bt F.J. Rist July 2011

Ref: Spink 2775.



Ref # 2227-4053