Henry III Voided Long Cross Pennies - London

Class 1b/2 Mule, Nicole

hEHRICUS REX ANG. HR & AN ligated. Note the pellet after REX. Wide bust.
Rev: HIC/OLE/OHL/VHD. No ligations.

Weight: 1.49 gm

Ref:  Churchill and Thomas L.99 (8 in the Brussels Hoard).

For more details on class 1b/2 mules please refer to  http://www.henry3.com/london-1b-2--2.html


Ref #1672/2126

Class 2a   (LVH-5)

Obv: hEHRICVS REX TERCI' - with a pellet before REX. 
Rev: HIC/OLE/OHE/LVH - no ligations. LVH coins are relatively scarce in this class. RIC: 10. Cracked.

Weight: 1.36 gm

Ref:  Churchill and Thomas L.109 (7 specimens in the Brussels Hoard).

For more details on class 2a  coins please refer to  http://www.henry3.com/london---2a.html

SOLD                                    £39

Ref #2228/3056

Class 2b2, Nicole

Obv: hEHRICUS REX TERCI' - X is type 2, and bust has characteristic form of class 2b.  Slight weak strike in part.

Rev: HIC/OLE/OHL/VHD - no ligations

Weight: 1.38 gm

Ref:  Churchill & Thomas type L.124.

Note: A metal detector find which has been cleaned.


Ref #1667-2132

Class 2b2,  Nicole,  Scarce Die


Rev: NIC/OLE/OHL/VND - with ND ligated. RIC: 8-9.

Weight: 1.38 gm

Ref:  Churchill & Thomas type L.135 of which there was only one specimen in the Brussels Hoard.

More info. on class 2b coins can e found at  http://www.henry3.com/london---2b1--2b2.html


Ref #2211/3040

Class 3a1, Nicole

OBV - Pellet between REX/III, bust has no necklines. X2, IM type 3.

Rev: HIC/OLE/OHL/VHD. No ligations.  RIC~8.

Weight: 1.35 gm. Fine specimen, well centred, has been cleaned in the past.

Ref:  Churchill & Thomas type L.189 - 49 examples in the Brussels Hoard.   More info. on class 3a1 coins from London can be found at  http://www.henry3.com/london-classes-3a-3bc.html


Ref #1621/2150

Class 3a1, Nicole

Obv: hEHRICUS REX III' - X type 2, and bust has characteristic form of class 2b.  Pellet after REX. No necklines.

Rev: NIC/OLE/ONL/VND - ON & ND ligated, pellets on last two "N"s.

Weight: 1.35 gm

Ref:  Churchill & Thomas type L.180 - 22 examples in the Brussels Hoard.


Ref #1976-2145

Class 3b, Henri

Obv: hEHRICVS REX III' - with single pellet after REX.

Rev: hEH/RIO/HLV/HD - EH ligated

Weight: 1.31 gm

Ref:  Churchill & Thomas type L.283 - 52 examples in the Brussels Hoard.


Ref #2187-3016

Class 5a3, Scarce type with Short Cross Letter

Reverse inscription NIC/OLE/ONL/VND - Short-cross style "E" in 2nd quadrant.

Weight: 1.41 gm

Ref:  Churchill & Thomas type L.619. 

For more on coins with short-crosss tyle letters see  http://www.henry3.com/london---5a3---with-s-c-.html

Provenance: Lawrences Auction, 16-Nov-17, Lot 520-1, ex Bloomsbury 14/905 part of Lot 739.


Ref #2252/3080

Class 5b2, Davi

Obv: hENRICVS REX III'. NR ligated. Pellet on S. Large oval chin.

Rev: DAV/I•ON/LVH/DEN, double bar on A, ON/EN ligated. Pellet after DAVI, pellet on 2q N.

Weight: 1.34 gm

Ref:  Churchill & Thomas type L.659.. 10 examples in the Brussels Hoard.

Provenance: ex Lord Stewartby - Spink auction June 2016,  Lot # 676a, Bt September 1956, chip at 5 o’clock, creased, good fine,


Ref #2118-2306

Class 5b2, Ricard

Round eyes, wedge-tailed R, X4 sim.

Rev: RIC/ARD/ONL/VND - with AR, ON and ND ligated. Pellet on 3q N.

Weight: 1.39 gm

Ref:  Churchill & Thomas type L.762


Ref #2167-1838

Class 5c2, Willem

Obv: hEHRICUS, with pellet on the S. R has long tail on the wedge. Tall crown fleur, not disjointed.. X type 4. Oval eyes. 

Rev: WIL/LEM/ONL/VND EM & ND ligated. No pellet on N. 

Weight: 1.37 gm

Ref:  Churchill & Thomas type L.925.

Coin found in High Roding, Essex.


Ref #1594-1193

Class 5c3, Ricard

Obv: disconnected central fleur: 3 stalks join crownband.

Rev: RIC/ARD/OHL/VND - AR & ND ligated. No pellet on 4q N.

Ref:  Churchill & Thomas type L.987... 15 examples in Brussels Hoard.

 Found near Horncastle, Lincolnshire.


Ref #2068-2257

Class 5g, Renaud

Obv: Part mis-struck… note repeated lettering. Unusually thin and wide crown-band for 5g. Low central fleur.

Rev: REN/AVD/ONL/VND. Broad flan.

Weight 1.26 gm.

Notes: A metal detecting find from the Lancaster area.


Ref # 1873-1339

Class 5h, Renaud

Obv : Note the style of the central fleur - stacked pellets rather than true fleur. Triple colon after S.

Rev: REN/AVD/ONL/VND - with EN, ON & ND ligated. 

Weight 1.29 gm.

Notes: ex Lord Stewartby - Spink auction June 2016,  Lot # 703a, Bt Spink, January 1953.

Sold         £27

Ref # 2127-2315

Class 5h, Renaud

Obv :Central fleur - stacked pellets rather than true fleur. 

Rev: REN/AVD/ONL/VND - with EN, ON & ND ligated. 

Weight 1.27 gm.

Notes: ex Lord Stewartby - Spink auction June 2016,  Lot # 703b, Bt September 1956.

Not in particularly good condition, but a scarce coin and very respectable provenance.

                       SOLD                     £20

Ref # 2128-2316

Class 1a, Halfpenny, Very Rare

Obv: VS:REX, initial mark type 1. Probably 5 pellets under crown.

Rev: The type with the die sinkers error ANG/LIC/TER/CI' instead of the usual ANG/LIE/TER/CI'.

Weight: 0.62 gm

Ref:  Churchill & Thomas type L.124.  For more details of class1a coins please see this BNS blog research note.

An extremely nice example (VF) of one of the rarest of the Henry long cross types.



Ref # 2017/2207

Class 1b

Henry III (1216-1272), penny, long cross type, class Ib, London, HENRICVS REX ANG , crowned bust facing, rev. LIE TERCI’ LVN , voided long cross, 

Pellet between REX & ANG. Pellet on first E, and on E of REX. Also on N of ANG. Three pellets under crown.


Weight: 1.32 gm

Ref:  Spink1359; North 984, Churchill & Thomas type L.54 (Only two examples in the Brussels Hoard). For more details for class 1b coins please refer to  http://www.henry3.com/london---1b-.html

Very fine and scarce



Ref #1727/2121

Class 1a, Very Rare

Obv: HENRICVS REX, crowned facing bust with beard, no caul, IM off-center, star has five points. Five pellets under the crownband.

Rev: ANG LIE TER CI', 3 pellets around a central point in each angle.

A little weakness in one quarter, and slightly off-centre, however very rare and excellent provenance. 

Churchill & Thomas type : N/A - this variety of class 1a without caul not recorded in the Brussels Hoard coins.

Provenance: ex Lord Stewartby Collection, Spink auction June 28th 2016, lot #603. Ex H G C Day, collection purchased by Baldwin c1935. Bt A H Baldwin, January 1952

Notes:  This is one ofthe few known examples of class 1a without a caul - for further information see this BNS Research Blog article.


Ref #2104-2292

Class 4a, Nicole

Obv: hEHRICUS REX: III' .  Central fleur with pellets and pellet end ornaments on the crown. Pellets between the hair curls either side of bust.

Rev: NIC/OLE/OEL/VND - ON & ND ligated, with pellets on the two "N"s. High RIC count of about 16 pellets per quadrant.

Ref:  Churchill & Thomas type L479, of which 9 in BH. (29 total class 4a, of which 12 are Nicole). 

Note:  Coin purchased in 2013 from S. Hall and ex Russell Cook (2008).


Ref #1680-2157