Henry III Voided Long Cross Pennies - Continental Imitations

Class 3 Continental Imitation

Obv: S (sideways) : REX : II Extra pellets around the X. Double pellet line for beard. 

Rev: ___]/OLE/OIT/[___]

Found in Corpusty, north Norfolk.
May possibbly be a contemporary forgery rather than a continental imitation.


Ref # 1883-1346

Class 5 Continental Imitation

Obv: Well-formed bust of class 5a/5b style.  Legend identical to an English coin, i.e. hENRICVS REX III'

Rev:  ARW IENR ONC AN - suggesting an imitation of the Canterbury mint.

Weight: 1.35 gm

Notes: Ex Jim Sazama collection.


Ref # 1915-1360

Class 5 Continental Imitation

Obv: hENRCIVS REX III Note the mis-spelling.


Weight: 1.40 gm

Notes: Type absent from the Brussels Hoard, but similar reverse spelling seen on a class 3 BH imitation.

Spinks Auction 25/09/2013, Part of Lot 363.



Ref # 1721-1255

Class 5 Continental Imitation

Obv: Oval eyes, R1, X4 - an imitation of class 5c2. Realistic looking, and CI origin mainly revealed by the reverse legend.

Rev: NIC/O[__]/O[_]E/VND - with ND ligated. An approximation of NIC/OLE/ONL/VND.

Weight: 1.42 gm



Ref # 2239-3067

Class 5 Continental Imitation

Obv: Round eyes; this fact plus shape of crownband suggests an imitation of a class 5b coin.

Rev: Garbled legend: _NC/NRIC/RCI/O__ with the first N being reversed.

A metal detecting find from Kent.

Weight: 1.32 gm


Ref # 2202-3031