European Coins 

Ambiani, Gallo-Belgic E Gold Stater

Obv: plain with trace of geometric pattern,

Rev: disjointed horse right, pellet & normal & reversed S symbols below.

Weight: 5.82 gm

Provenance: Timeline Auctions, Oct 30th 2013, Lot 0004. Ex European collection; acquired Switzerland, 1990s.

Refs: Spink11, Sills class 5a; LT 8704 var, ABC 16 variant.

Notes: SS variant. 


Ref # 1752-1274

France - Phillip I

France: Royal, Philip I, Denier, Orléans, gateway, rev. cross,  "S" in two quarters.   1.22 gm, 21.2 mm.

Notes: DNW auction 14/03/2018, part lot 986, ex Tony Merson.

Philip I (1052 – 1108), called the Amorous, was King of the Franks from 1060 to his death. His reign, like that of most of the early Capetians, was extraordinarily long for the time. The monarchy began a modest recovery from the low it reached in the reign of his father and he added to the royal demesne the Vexin and Bourges. In 1077, he made peace with William the Conqueror, who gave up attempting the conquest of Brittany. He was succeeded by his son, Louis VI.


Ref # 2228-4505

Germany: Dortmund, Rudolf von Habsburg, 1273-1291

Obv: Bust of Saint Reinoldus between oblique crosses in triangle. Rev: King crowned with scepter and pomegranate.

Note: Obverse design based on Henry III coinage of Ireland.  Ref: Berghaus 82.

Rudolf of Habsburg was Count of Habsburg from about 1240 and the elected King of the Romans from 1273 until his death. Rudolf's election marked the end of the Great Interregnum in the Holy Roman Empire after the death of the Hohenstaufen emperor Frederick II in 1250. Originally a Swabian count, he was the first Habsburg to acquire the duchies of Austria and Styria in opposition to his mighty rival, the Přemyslid king Ottokar II of Bohemia, whom he defeated in the 1278 Battle on the Marchfeld.


Ref # 2206-4033

Anglo Gallic: Edward III, c.1340
Double au Leopard sous Couronne.

Obv: + ЄD’ RЄX : ΛnGLIЄ, large crown above leopard passant left; rosette below.

Rev: + MOnЄTA DVPLЄX (rosette), short cross pattée; crowns in first and fourth quarters.

Ref: Elias 92c (rosette at end of reverse legend). WF.100E 2/b;P d’A 2895; Dup.1092A; S.8080

Issued by Edward as Duke of Aquitaine (1325-62)


Ref # 1905